Jots Dots.com - Playground of my thoughts, to infinity & beyond!

Hi! Hello! Selamat sejahtera/Ni hao/Varnakam/Namasteh/Bon jour! Merci! or my usual style would be Yo!

Thanks for visiting this site. I hope you're no lost (too late!).
Anyway feel free to explore around.

Jots Dots is a platform or playground to share:
- my passion, thoughts
- learn, experiment & explore
- play around with everything & anything
from various online and offline tools be it the
LATEST technologies, sports events & workshops, massage & fitness techniques;  to finding TRADITIONAL hidden gems, old school food, traditional arts & crafts. (completely random, hyper & full of quirky nutcase)


  • 99.9% anti-social
  • 99.9% very random & animated
  • 99.9% struggled with reading, languages, words, numbers, left & right
  • 110% into Creative Minds, Good Food, Arts, Music & Massage

Thru out my whole life, I’m often seen sketching or doodling at the corner or spotted talking long walks or smiling at trees. Mostly living in a world of my own.

Oh what’s the meaning of Jots Dots?

Jots =
1) to quickly write down e.g. let me jot down your number and keep in touch
2) a tiny amount e.g. after the Taser Gun game, I can still feel small jots of current thru my veins… 
Very much later, I discovered Jots (iōta) means the smallest letter in the ancient Greek alphabets.

Dots = 
1. small round mark or circle
2. like a full stop . or •
A dot is small like pixel yet when formed together, it can be as big as a universe.
Jots Dots is like a tongue twister, a word play.
It’s a good exercise for the face & tongue.
Makes me laugh every time I try to pronounce it rapidly.
Yes, every thing here is about me. How I see & study the world.
I hope by keeping a website, it will serve a better medium of communication for me to others & vice versa.

Let's Get Connected:

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