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Retro Queens at WEVents 2014 See You Next Year 0

WEVents 4th Anniversary Party: the RETRO YOU! (Part2/2)

Note: Continued from Part 1. The Retro Queen Contest: For the Retro Queen Contest, there are 9 candidates. Each of contestant must dress up and perform either a dance/song of olden times. 1# Dilina...

WEVents 4th Annivesary the Retro You 2

WEVents 4th Anniversary Party: the RETRO YOU! (Part1/2)

Last year, I found a rare but unique local social event community called WEVents. Why community? It’s for Women, Only for Women, By Women WEVents = WomenOnlyMENnotinvited social events organized by WE (a group...

Posh! Nail Spa Party TTDI 2014 1

Posh! Nail Spa Customer Appreciation Party 2014 x Happy Birthday!

27th June 2014 – Most of my friends are fans of pedicure & manicure; their monthly or even weekly beauty routine involved visiting at least one spa which of course covers nail spa! Male...